Motion Demo Reel

A nice little mashup of my various motion pieces.

Music: NAAST – Mauvais Garçon

Included: Travel mug, Le Masque, Punk Rock, Goddamn Octopus!, REMinisce, Cetacide, PixelTV, ROBOTO

Time Warner Cable Sports

As a design intern for TWCS in East Syracuse, NY, I was tasked with creating graphics and helping with motion work for broadcast purposes. It was a very different experience from what I expected, and actually pretty fun. A lot of the work was fairly restricted (explained after the break), and most I can’t actually show. Still, it was a good opportunity, worth presenting in my portfolio.


Travel Mug

It’s a travel mug! It’s self-heating! Isn’t that neat? A series of works I did in 3D involving creating a conceptual product, creating it from scratch, and delivering two pieces: the first a print-style ad, and the second a television or web motion ad.


Sagmeister Challenge

Stefan Sagmeister issued a challenge to RIT students; to touch somebody’s heart with design. Working with Francine Sorrentino, I helped create an outdoor installation encouraging students to take a little time to relax and shift their perspective.


Le Masque

A stirring, wordless tale in three dimensions. Experience…HORROR! DREAD! SURPRISE AND ALARM! I was feeling experimental, so I followed a simple story, with equally simple visual elements, and told a quick story with a surprise ending.


Business Cards

Ain’t nobody says my name better’n me!


Coffee Labels

What’s better and more exciting than combining two of your biggest passions? For Christmas this year, I decided to roast coffee for my family and friends. As I developed blends, I decided I needed to name them, and of course, brand them. Coming up with names and sketching out ideas took a lot longer than actually roasting the coffee, but it was definitely worth the time and effort.


Punk Rock

Iggy Pop slamming Peter Gzowski in an interview, kinetic typography, and Mogwai’s musical stylings. All you need is a bottle of Jack, and you’re ready to party, brother!



Flash site created to practice file loading, VR imaging, and web site functionality. Created in Flash using ActionScript 3 to dynamically load images, which were created in Photoshop.


Steve Rhinehart

Just a quick note: My site was recently defaced by some jerk hackers, and I’m still in recovery mode. Some parts of the site are busted, and I’m working on recovering those functions. For now, my shadowbox galleries are disabled, but I’m hoping to have them restored soon. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I am a new media designer, social media lover, project manager, and coffee nerd. I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2010 with a BFA in New Media Design, and I’m currently working on a MS in Information Management, and a CAS in Information Innovation (Social Media) at Syracuse University’s iSchool. Feel free to wander around my site here, check out my work, or my blog.

I really like coffee. It’s a passion, not just a hobby, and I use it for more than a morning wake-up. I started a project this year called Counter Talk, to connect with others via social media, meet over a cuppa joe, to share and inspire each other. I provide the coffee, you provide your passion, I write the story, and we all win!

I’m in the market for an internship, in UX design, or in social media strategy. I’d really like to explore both, equally, but I have more experience with social media at this point. Don’t worry, I won’t let that stop me from learning and trying my best to be awesome. If you’re interested, perhaps check out my resume (PDF).


You…you want more? Alright, well, I’m on twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ as well. Satisfied?


Steve Rhinehart

(315) 281-9376


I must give props to Jason Eberle for helping with the code on this site, and to Anthony Rotolo for the image above. It’s the best current shot there is of me, doing what I love to do.

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